Vim compiler plugin for FreeBASIC

I have uploaded a Vim compiler plugin for FreeBASIC.
You can download the fbc.vim at

For the following code:

command produces an output as follows:

Traditonally, you can see the all error messages with

you can jump to next error with

and you can jump to the previous error message with

To install it, copy the script into your compiler folder. Assuming standart installations, it should be
C:\Program Files\Vim\vimfiles\compiler\
in Microsoft Windows, and
in Linux operating systems.

In Vim, the compiler plugins are not automatically triggered unlike file type plugins. To set it whenever you need, use the command
1 :compiler fbc

To set it once and for all if a .bas file is edited, type the following into your VIMRC file:
1 autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.bas compiler fbc

If you need a syntax file for the upcoming FreeBASIC 0.21, you can download a syntax file at http://cubaxd.net/?en&p=syntaxfile.

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