FORTRAN valid line length plugin for Vim

I have written a Vim plugin to help my FORTRAN coding in Vim.

According to the file extension of a FORTRAN source file, this plugin sets a valid line length. Any characters occurring after this column are considered as error, and are matched so by highlighting.

This plugin is run automatically. But, if you want to use any other valid size for some reason, the commands are available.

You can download the plugin from the following link.

The following commands are available after installing this plugin.

Sets the valid line length according to the file extension.
This command is applied by default.
The columns occurring after the 72nd character are marked.
The columns occurring after the 80th character are marked.
The columns occurring after the 132nd character are marked.
Removes the matching set by this plugin.

Here is the screenshot of the plugin. (Colorscheme is Molokai).

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